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"Great news! Because of the number of new clients finding me through my massage website, I am planning on reducing my newspaper advertising. This will save me over $1000 this year alone. Since getting my website last year, I have grown my business by about 20%.

"With my marketing cornerstones of referrals, your excellent newsletters, my website (thanks guys!), and (now) reduced newspaper advertising, my massage business is now grossing $85,000/year. And I'm not done yet!"

  Debbie Heffernan

"Earlier this week, I had a few open appointments in my schedule book. I simply emailed a promotion to all my clients and prospects from your E-newsletter program and the appointment book was full by the next day.

"I absolutely love it."

  Ted Schiff, LMT

"I cannot thank John and Peter enough for all of their hard work in making my website such a success!! I never thought I could have such a beautiful and comprehensive site. Within 2 weeks of an informational phone call I had my site up and running. It is such a pleasure now when new clients call to direct them to the site and my feedback has been so positive. Thank you again for making this a reality!!"

  Lydia, LMT

"Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on the gift certificate set up. This past holiday season I was able to accept orders for gift sessions while out of the office. This new feature on my web site makes it more convenient for both my Loved Ones (clients) and me. I was able to holiday shop myself and still do business! I wasn't chained to my office waiting for people to come pick up their gift certificates, or trying to figure out how people could pick them up in between sessions. It is a win-win for everyone! It also adds yet another level of professionalism to my business. Thank you again Peter!"

  Jennifer, LMT

"Just a really quick note for now. I wanted you both to know how much of a blessing and great marketing tool having a professional website for massage has been! In the past two weeks, I have added no less than five brand new clients simply because people did a search for massage therapists in [my] area. Came up with my professional website, perused it — and liking what they read — contacted me!!!

So, THANKS, again and again!"

  Leslie, LMT

"I want to thank you for your E-newsletter. My clients loved it. Several of them commented on how professional it looked. I believe the newsletter reminded my clients that I had gift certificates available for the holiday because I had increased sales for the month. These newsletters will keep me in touch with my clients, save me money on postage, and free me up to perform more massages. It was a win, win, win decision for my growing business!

"Thanks again,"


"You've been a great help to me. I'm sure going forward I'll have more questions. I am eternally grateful for people like you and Jon."

  Suzanne, LMT, CMT

"I have gotten quite a few new clients from my web site. Peter Glickman at Massage On The Web does a wonderful job on it. I have even gotten calls from people out-of-state who've purchased gift certificates for friends and family who live near where I practice."

"The most important thing is to get and keep your name out there. That can be as expensive or inexpensive as your imagination allows. The web site is a great way to do that."

"Newsletters are a good way to reach people too. They are informative and you can send a lot of them out for a minimum cost. If you can, find someone in your area who sends out flyers in the neighborhood who will let you (usually for a nominal fee to help with their postage expenses) enclose your flyer or newsletter in their flyer. I did that with a local business and it cost me $200 to print my newsletters and only $50 to cover postage and my newsletter went out to 2,500 people all in my specific area. That's only ten cents for every one I sent out and each is a potential client. (I did double-sided pages. You can go as big or small as you want. A newsletter is perfect, but just a coupon is good, too.) Be creative."

"Give your business cards to EVERYONE. My web address is on my car, newsletters, business cards, email signature, and everything I send out to anyone."

Jon Lumsden at Staying in Touch writes a wonderful newsletter. I've used it for years and my clients love it. You can email Jon at Info@MassageNewsletters.com. He's always ready and willing to answer questions and help you to be successful in your practice.

  Dawn, LMT

"Great News! I got my first massage client from the internet yesterday. THANK YOU!"

"Thanks for explaining [web sites and web site promotion] to me. I would have NEVER been able to figure out this web stuff without you. I am THANKFUL you came along when you did.... I am going to recommend you to a friend who is going to do a web site."

"EVERYONE tells me how good it looks. Here's just one comment: 'Your web site is the best one I've seen. Who did it?'"

  Marge, CMT, ND
"I just sold 2 Father's Day gift certificates through the web page"[I'm] getting lots of positive feedback from friends and clients ... how the site loads fast, looks professional, has wonderful information and is easy to navigate and read (large print). Thank you for your wonderful work!"!"
  Julie, LMT
"[Your service is] very cool and efficient! Hats off to you!""
  Jennifer, RN, LMT
"Thanks for all your hard work. Feel free to use me as a reference. I think the site looks great!"
  Jane, NCTMB
"Thanks, Peter, for all your hard work. It's beautiful. I'm more than pleased.... Already I was able to refer a visitor from Florida to the site for the map."
  Carolyn, BS, RN, CIMI, LMT
"Setting up my web site was fun and easy! Any and all questions I could possibly have were always answered in a timely and friendly way. I never felt like I was doing business with a stranger. It seemed as though we were long-time friends. I LOVE my web site and so do my clients."
  Christine, LMT
"I love what you did on the home page. What a surprise!"
  Joan, LMT
"WOW! The web site looks WONDERFUL I can hardly wait for the feedback from my clients. You've done a beautiful job. Thank you!
  Dawn, LMT
"Everyone loves my massage web site — and me in particular!"
  Leslie, LMT
Here are some of the comments she received:
  • "This is very professionally done. Congratulations to you for being so forward thinking. I'm going to forward this site to several of my friends."
  • "The web site is FANTASTIC! Kudos to you and whoever designed it. If you weren't already my massage therapist, I certainly would start going to you now."
  • "I love your web site. It is very classy, very informative, very friendly and makes me want to have a CranioSacral."
  • "LOVE your web site. It's easy to navigate, personal, yet professional. It's soooo you."
  • "Your web site looks and sounds great! I really liked the way you described your work and your environment, including the cats."
  • "I saw your web site. What a fabulous job you did! I'm really not surprised because you put 110 per cent into everything you do. It really came out great and I'm glad you included a picture of yourself and info about what a cozy spot it is. It makes it more inviting to prospective clients. Great job!!"
  • "Very impressed with your web site. Whoever designed it did a good job."