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         Massage on  the Web Terms and Service Agreement


1. All services rendered by Massage on the Web and its affiliated companies, Massage Marketing, publisher of Staying in Touch, (also referred to in this Service Agreement as "we"), are done so under this Service Agreement. By paying for any services, you, and any other individual, company or corporation on whose behalf you are acting, agree to the terms of this Service Agreement.

2. Any web address (also referred to by others as a domain name) that you have paid for will be used at your direction. If you should decide at some later time to move that web address to another company we will not hold your web address "hostage" or make you pay any unreasonable transfer fees to transfer it at your direction. The only exception to this is if you have not paid at the appropriate time the renewal fee(s) in our then current fee schedule as published on the Massage on the Web web site. You agree not to hold us liable for any renewal fees you do not pay us in a timely manner.

3. We will create and publish your web site, web page or web program after receipt of payment and all your information. This is usually within a few days for the simpler ones, within three weeks for the average ones and as soon as is commercially reasonable for the complicated ones. However, life being what it is, that doesn't always happen and we cannot guarantee delivery within these time estimates.

4. You understand there are several components to the expense of a web site, web page or web program. There is an initial set up fee, an ongoing hosting fee (which includes the cost of connecting a computer to the Internet, the cost of computer programs, electricity, space rental, personnel to manage the web site, web page or web program, and overhead), and other charges such as registering your web address, renewing that web address, and making changes. You agree to understand these charges and pay them on a timely basis. If you do not pay them on a timely basis, Massage on the Web, at its sole discretion, may remove the web site, web page or web program from the Internet permanently or until such time as you pay. You agree that Massage on the Web is not liable for any damages if it discontinues such services after non-payment, even if you have advised us about the potential of such damages.

5. Credit card charges are currently posted by Yari Giordanengo. You agree not to challenge any charges solely on the basis of the fact that they are not posted by Massage on the Web.

6. You may cancel at any time by contacting us via email. If you do so, the only refund you are entitled to is for hosting. Hosting is paid monthly, quarterly or annually in advance depending on the service to be hosted. In the event you cancel your web site, web page or web program; the hosting rebate shall be for the number of complete unused months after deducting the hosting for used months or parts of months at the monthly rate. For example, if you pay for a year of hosting at $250 and the monthly hosting rate is $25 and you cancel after two and a half months, you will receive $250 - $75 or $150. Cancelation must be confirmed by Massage On The Web via email before considered valid.

7. Initial set up fees are non-refundable.

8. Because one customer got confused and had to reprint her business cards, we want you to understand the following. If we provide you an email address, it must have an "@" sign in it. Your web site address cannot have an "@" sign in it.

9. If you purchase the New Practice Special, only the initial review changes are included in the price. Any changes must be made within seven calendar days or they will be charged at the then current rate published on the Massage on the Web web site These changes are only for text, not design and must keep to the original content. They cannot be about an entirely different subject.

10. The Professional Web Site and Custom Web Site hosting includes one set of text changes made per month providing those changes are emailed and can be "cut and pasted" into the existing web site This would include exchanging one or two images for existing images provided no resizing or retouching is necessary. Other changes to the graphic design of the page or site; additions, changes or deletions to the navigation buttons; or addition of pages or images will be charged at the then current rate published on the Massage on the Web web site

11. If either you or Massage on the Web acts more generously than this Service Agreement provides, there is no requirement that such generosity need to be repeated. For example, if we retouch an image for no charge, there is no requirement that we have to retouch a second, third, or fourth image at no charge.

12. Massage on the Web reserves the right to refuse to publish material that is illegal, immoral or in poor taste on a web site This includes the right to politely tell you one or more of your images will not look good on the web site and refuse to publish it.

13. If you wish to upgrade from the New Practice Special to the Professional Web Site, we will credit you for the initial set-up fee you actually paid. This does not include any hosting or web programming fees.

14. We very strongly encourage you to read the advice pages on our web site that tell you how to promote your massage practice using the Internet so that your web site pays for itself.

15. You may add any extra cost options to your web site, web page or web program at any time at the then current price published on the Massage on the Web web site

16. You agree that you are completely responsible for any content or images you provide to Massage on the Web for publishing. This includes reimbursing Massage on the Web for any expenses or damages from claims arising out of such material provided by you.

17. Any changes to this Service Agreement shall be valid 30 days after publishing on the Massage on the Web web site.

18. This Service Agreement is entered into and made on the day you first pay for any services or we begin work on your web site or web programming, whichever comes first.

19. This Service Agreement shall terminate on the day services are removed from the Internet or no longer provided. Paragraph numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 16, 20 and 21 shall survive termination.

20. In the event any part of this Service Agreement shall be ruled invalid by a court of law with applicable jurisdiction, the remaining parts of this Service Agreement shall be valid.

21. This Service Agreement is made under the laws of the State of Florida and any legal actions brought under this Service Agreement shall be filed in Pinellas County, Florida.

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