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How Valuable are Our Services?

To begin with, what is the value of a web site for massage therapists and bodyworkers?

Colleen Holloway, LMT in her book, Success Beyond Work, What Prosperous Massage Therapists Know — Minimum Work, Maximum Profits, and a Sellable Business says, "Having a web page for your business is essential for building a successful business. It offers current and prospective clients another convenient means of contacting you. People can view a list of your services, schedule appointments, get directions to your location, and read ... articles about massage. ... Changing the information on a regular basis will encourage return visits to your site. You can sell products and gift certificates 24 hours a day. ... Linked to other web pages, (such as your local chamber of commerce), your business will stand out from many other massage businesses in the area, giving you a leading edge on the market."

Obviously if you want to do it yourself and have the time, you can. For others who are busy or do not have the inclination, what does it cost to buy an attractive multi-page web site? The prices depend on who is doing the work — a neighbor's son taking a class in web design or the lead developer for a 4-person corporate design team. However, the range goes from a low of approximately $300 to a high of $1200 for a simple web site with 4 pages and personal information.

None of the above prices include providing content, much less providing content based on experience, training and feedback from hundreds of massage therapists in large and small practices in small towns and big cities across the country. Our editor charges nearly three hundred dollars for 12 newsletters and has hundreds of clients. Individual issues cost from $20 to $40 dollars. Add in the expense of 12 changes to your web site every year and the cost could easily be $1000 for an attractive, professional web site.

All of the above neglects to mention the true value to your practice of educating your clients. If you look over your practice, you'll see that your regular clients are your most educated clients. See our Testimonials page for stories of massage therapists who have discovered the power of regular communication to their clients. Add the web to your collection of tools for maintaining or growing your massage practice.