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"As the Practice Management Class teacher at Center of Advanced Therapeutics Massage School in Denver, Colorado, I am excited to share information with my students about Massage on the Web. There are an ever-increasing number of graduates entering the massage therapy market.

"I encourage all of our students to incorporate newsletters and websites as part of their marketing strategy to help ensure their overall business success. The services Massage on the Web offers are effective tools to promote any massage business. They make it easy for anyone starting a business or enhancing an established business to go to the next level of professionalism.

Thanks to Jon and Peter, I can now offer a great marketing tool to our students." - Ann B. Stahl

These days you need a web site or at least a web page as a massage and bodywork professional so that your existing clients have a web address to give to referrals. By giving your clients a web address, they no longer have to carry your business card everywhere they go and remember your phone number when they want to refer someone. All they have to remember is YourName.MassageOnTheWeb.com or www.YourWebsite.com and that is much easier to remember.

Tell your friends about this site!

Then your Massage on the Web site can give them your phone number, your address, a map to your office, your hours, your rate card, the list of massage and bodywork services that you offer and testimonials. Don't neglect testimonials from pleased clients. Testimonials are a very powerful form of advertising. It's so much easier to make an appointment after reading the relief others with similar conditions have experienced from your services.

Not all massage therapists and bodyworkers have the same kind of practice. Your practice might be large and well established or you might have just graduated from massage school. You might practice Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage or CranioSacral. You might only do outcall massage or you might have an office with associates who work for you. You may sell massage related products or not have any retail at all. At Massage on the Web, we put our combined 8 years of experience to work for you. We have done more than 70 Professional and Custom Web Sites for massage and massage-related businesses in the last year alone!

You might be blissfully ignorant of computers, be web shy or be a web site designer in your spare time. We understand. That is why we have several ways to put your massage practice on the web. If you are just starting out, you should look at our New Practice Special and Basic Promotional Package. The Professional Web Site and Custom Web Site are designed for massage therapists and bodyworkers who are more established. Whatever your choice, if you want to spend your time and energy on your practice, family and other things, give us a call at 1-727-369-8017.

At Massage on the Web we do everything for you including write the massage articles! You can find other companies that will design web sites, but how many of them have eight years of experience writing educational newsletters for massage therapists and bodyworkers to send to their clients?

Are you a part-time web site designer? Then the Do-It-Yourself-er package is for you. Let us complement your sense of style by giving you massage articles and text that will let you show off your talents and educate clients and prospects.

At Massage on the Web, we do it all. Click here to see all our services.

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